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I must highly recommend ECE as a company that practices professionalism and delivers on time.  I had the privilege of having an inverter installed.  The electrician arrived on time, told me it will be installed in 2 hours, which she delivered on. Followed up to see if everything worked, that was over a year ago.  I have had no problems.  Will be using them to install solar panels in the future.

I have been involved with Ben Viljoen and his Family at ECECOMM for many years,  when they first installed an Inverter to provide me with electricity, my TV’s staying on,  and even my electric blanket in those VERY dark days when we had daily power cuts !

It made such a big  impact of ease to my life,   during  that time when we were  running to find our  lamps,  and lighting candles ,  became a thing of the past !

When the entire Sea Point was in darkness, we were lying in bed watching TV !  With ALL our lights on.

The battery lasted about 5 Years , and then they just replaced it !

I have recommended them to a lot of Family and friends,  and everybody is still thanking me for introducing them to Ben Viljoen (and his lovely Family) who is there for you whenever you need them !

I can only highly recommend them …… don’t wait …. DO IT NOW !!  You can also experience the joy my Husband and I have when the lights go out in Cape Town !

They also installed Inverters at the block of flats where we live to keep all 4  the lifts running, the lights on the walkways stay on,  and also the lights in the grounds to make everyone feel so safe,  when the power cut hits us  !

When the ESKOM outages became a daily event – we decided to look at alternatively solutions because we run a practise from our house. I did quite allot of research on the best systems – both solar, wind and conventional generators. In the end Solar was the most expensive but offered numerous benefits including – tax write-offs, clean energy and almost no ongoing maintenance. Once we decided on solar, I requested some quotes. I was put off by most of the suppliers that charged exorbitant amounts to draw up the technical drawings that needs to be submitted to City of Cape Town. I felt it should be part of the service. We like ECECOMM because they were reasonably priced, family run, and used the best combination of local and imported components. Although we had some teething problems initially, my system has been running without a hitch since 2019. I can strongly recommend ECECOMM because their after-sales service is exceptional and they are proactive  in updating the settings when load shedding is scheduled. We hardly even know it is loads-hedding because the battery storage and solar generation are updated by the ECECOMM team. I can strongly recommend their services.

Just a thank you to you and your team headed by Rochelle for your incredible knowledge on how Invertors should work during these load shedding times in South Africa.
Your service and dedication to such detail and keeping to your timeline is far and few between, you never drop the ball and always keep to your promises.
I actually don’t even notice when load shedding takes place as the switchover is flawless.
This is the best investment I have made .
Looking forward to you doing my next project in 2 months time.

I have used the services of Ececomm and Ben and Rochelle Viljoen for many years – they have installed systems in two properties .

In both cases I have been very happy with their initial work and their after sales service has been great 

Thank you for your professional service in installing inverters for us on a number of jobs. Aquarius was a complicated big job which you did so well. Your after installation service was much appreciated  .
I would highly recommend your company going forward.
Thank you!

I utilized the services of ECECOMM a number of years ago and dealt directly with Ben Viljoen and his
daughter Rochelle.
I was extremely impressed with the recommendations they made, their expeditiousness and quality of
work. As such, I then subsequently upgraded further at my main residence in Clifton.
Following thereon I have also engaged them at two other properties and have referred them to a
number of people who have been similarly impressed.
They’re after sales service should any issues arise is first-class and I would have no hesitation in
recommending them to anyone.

I can wholehearted recommend ECECOMM, we used them initially for a temporary load shedding solution provider.  They supplied us with an inverter and battery back up solution for my home and place of work.  A few years later when finances allowed we upgraded our home to a full solar system with panels, a further inverter and then an upgrade on batteries to the newest technology batteries.

At every level the customer service has been excellent with great back up and aftersales service when needed.  Our cost savings on Electricity have been worth it, and the convenience of knowing we will always have power is priceless.

Ben, Rochelle and the team at ECECOMM are fantastic, you can’t go wrong.