Dr Jürgen Becker

When the ESKOM outages became a daily event – we decided to look at alternatively solutions because we run a practise from our house. I did quite allot of research on the best systems – both solar, wind and conventional generators. In the end Solar was the most expensive but offered numerous benefits including – tax write-offs, clean energy and almost no ongoing maintenance. Once we decided on solar, I requested some quotes. I was put off by most of the suppliers that charged exorbitant amounts to draw up the technical drawings that needs to be submitted to City of Cape Town. I felt it should be part of the service. We like ECECOMM because they were reasonably priced, family run, and used the best combination of local and imported components. Although we had some teething problems initially, my system has been running without a hitch since 2019. I can strongly recommend ECECOMM because their after-sales service is exceptional and they are proactive  in updating the settings when load shedding is scheduled. We hardly even know it is loads-hedding because the battery storage and solar generation are updated by the ECECOMM team. I can strongly recommend their services.