Petrusa Rood

I have been involved with Ben Viljoen and his Family at ECECOMM for many years,  when they first installed an Inverter to provide me with electricity, my TV’s staying on,  and even my electric blanket in those VERY dark days when we had daily power cuts !

It made such a big  impact of ease to my life,   during  that time when we were  running to find our  lamps,  and lighting candles ,  became a thing of the past !

When the entire Sea Point was in darkness, we were lying in bed watching TV !  With ALL our lights on.

The battery lasted about 5 Years , and then they just replaced it !

I have recommended them to a lot of Family and friends,  and everybody is still thanking me for introducing them to Ben Viljoen (and his lovely Family) who is there for you whenever you need them !

I can only highly recommend them …… don’t wait …. DO IT NOW !!  You can also experience the joy my Husband and I have when the lights go out in Cape Town !

They also installed Inverters at the block of flats where we live to keep all 4  the lifts running, the lights on the walkways stay on,  and also the lights in the grounds to make everyone feel so safe,  when the power cut hits us  !